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My favorite age group

I have decided that my absolutely favorite age group to work with is the threes. They are just so creative and energetic and curious. You can get involved in long complex conversations about monsters and clouds and snails and trips to Gramma’s house. (usually, all at once) They can get into all kinds of fun mischief if you turn your head for more than a minute. They are Houdini in training, and the biggest potty mouths and tattle tails. But they are so wonderful!

Once a friend asked me “ho can you possibly like working with three year olds? They don’t listen, get into everything and are like herding cats!”

Exactly! that’s exactly why.


Is there a secret market for goldfish???

My office was tossed yesterday. The only things stolen? Two goldfish,fillet and Tartar sauce.Seriously, is there are secret market for goldfish????

Does it sink or float?

We have been working on whether or not things sink,float or do both.Here are our current lists.


  • miss Turtle’s cell phone (by mistake)
  • rocks
  • Cups already filled with water


  • wooden beads
  • rubber ducky
  • soap
  • empty cups
  • pool noodles

They are still working on the experiment,so I am sure more things will be added to both lists.

Spidey in training!

I have a kid in the center that has recently started climbing.ot on the normal things though. Not the climbing structure. Not the bookshelves. The doorway!!

Seriously. He gets a really good grip on the door frame and scoots up. Then he somehow manages to wedge himself upside down across the top of the door and hangs on. He actually has the strength to hang there for 10 minutes,too.

I have no clue how he manages that. but I have to admit its impressive. And really, I can’t blame him for wanting to get away from everyone else for a while. I sometimes want that too.

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