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Tee-shirt Turtle got Pink hair!

Tee-shirt Turtle got Pink hair!

And it was a total accident.


We are now licenced!

Now we just have to increase staffing.

We have water!!

I know. Probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal, right? You turn on the faucet and get water that is perfectly safe to drink. Well, for us, not so much. The water at my center was so contaminated that after being filtered three times there were still particles of metal in it. And quite honestly, it looked more like something that belonged in a toilet.

But now we have real clean drinkable water.In all 18 water fountains! Whoo-hoo!!!!!¬† So we aren’t giving the kidlets lead to drink anymore. Can you say yay??

It also helps with licensing. Because now the drinking fountains aren’t a violation. There are still few of them, but we are in an old building¬† within another agency that have their own regullations so I can’t fix that ,yet.¬†Don’t worry. I will!

“Cool Panther. Teach PReschool”

The other day I was going to the hospital with a stuffed panther that one of my preschoolers wanted. But I had to run errands first. So me being me, I was rolling around San Francisco with a stuffed panther on my lap. I really don’t think it phased people. They are used to seeing me in the area, and I usually have 5 or 6 toddlers with me. One of the places I had to go was the local bank. I had to put the panther on the counter to sign the checks. The teller just smiled. “cool panther. Teach preschool?”

Bonus that she knew it was a black panther. most people call it a cat. But now that i think about it, it must have looked kinda funny. A lady in a wheelchair carrying a panther. =) Oh well.


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