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Why do the deer cross the road? A story told by Gramma


Why do the deer cross the road?
To get to the water.
Why do the deer cross the road?
To find food.
Why do the deer cross the road?
Because the road is there.
Why is the road there?
So cars can drive on it.
Why do cars drive on the road?
They take people through the hills.
Why don’t people walk through the hills?
They don’t want to bother the deer.
Do the cars bother the deer?
sometimes they do.


English: Piebald Deer. Image taken in Hampton ...

English: Piebald Deer. Image taken in Hampton Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do the deer cross the road?
Because its what deer do.
For how long?
Since the road has been here.
How long has the road been here?
Twenty -three years.
Is that a long time?
It is long if you are the deer.
Ok. can I have dinner now?



Childhood Cancer Awareness month


September is childhood cancer awareness month. Gold is the color for the childhood cancer awareness ribbon. Every September I go gold on everything. This is sort a warning for people who may not want to hear a lot about childhood cancer and cancer awareness.
Many children at my center are cancer warriors, or cancer survivors. I do this not only for me, but to spread awareness to them. There seems to be so little awareness for such a huge disease!


“Cool Panther. Teach PReschool”

The other day I was going to the hospital with a stuffed panther that one of my preschoolers wanted. But I had to run errands first. So me being me, I was rolling around San Francisco with a stuffed panther on my lap. I really don’t think it phased people. They are used to seeing me in the area, and I usually have 5 or 6 toddlers with me. One of the places I had to go was the local bank. I had to put the panther on the counter to sign the checks. The teller just smiled. “cool panther. Teach preschool?”

Bonus that she knew it was a black panther. most people call it a cat. But now that i think about it, it must have looked kinda funny. A lady in a wheelchair carrying a panther. =) Oh well.


Miss Turtle’s treasure box

The leaf lower epidermis of Tilia × europaea T...

The leaf lower epidermis of Tilia × europaea T. cordata . Eglinton, North Ayrshire, Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day, the toddlers and preschoolers hand me treasures that they find. And although a snail or a leaf may not seem like a treasure, they truly are.  I consider each  to be a gift from the heart and treat them accordingly. I have a box on my desk that contains all the gifts they give me. (with the exception of the life creatures, which get put back into the great outdoors where they need to be.)

Inside the box right now are 16 rocks, 12 twigs,49 buttons, multiple scraps of paper,6 safety pins,and a spool of bright orange thread. There are also numerous leaf rubbings. Leaf rubbings are how we preserve leaves,since they get so soggy or dry and crackly. And even leaves are treasures that deserve to be preserved.

Everyone should treasure the gifts of toddlers. Particularly the toddlers in my center. These kids have absolutely nothing left to give. Yet they hand over their most prized possessions. This is why I proudly display every gift I receive.

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