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Ice is nice!

Today we did the ice experiment. It was really fun. and some of the conversations were just funny. But then, with three year old children, it always is.

F0r people who have never done the ice project, its really easy and pretty fun as long as you don’t mind freezing dyed water and/or messes. *giggle* Its really only the following:

  • First prepare tables by putting down four towels and placing¬† trays on each.
  • Put blocks of ice into basins and put a basin on each tray.
  • Put colored water into jars and put eye droppers (pipettes) and jars next to each basin (on the tray).
  • Get a couple of “tunnels” started in the ice blocks, so there will be a place for the colored water to go . (If the children don’t choose to just squirt the water at each other)
  • Add four children, one for each tray¬† =)

The main goal (since one always has to be stated) is to observe what happens when colored water is added to ice.

Some of the comments were “does it hurt?” “Looks, It lighted up!” And it did look that way. “It looks like that thing at the bottom of the ocean. (coral reef.)

I have to say, “It lighted up!” was my favorite. When the block of Ice was pressed down against the basin, it did look like it was lighting. I had never seen that effect before. Totally cool!


We have amazing families here!

Seriously. I can’t praise our families nearly enough. It seems like they always come through in a pinch. Here a re just a few shining examples:

  • When I was looking at a bookshelf in a catalogue and commented that I wished we could get one, two fathers who happen to know woodworking built one. And its even better than the one I wanted to order.
  • There is a grandmother that bakes enough banana, persimmon, zuccini or pumpkin bread for the entire center,every two weeks!
  • Say field trip, get 70 parent volunteers.
  • there are always parents helping out with different activities,from clean up to dance classes.
  • its perfectly normal to have parents doing maintenance voluntarily on a weekend.
  • parents who speak more than on e language are willing to help translate all our handouts, so that Everyone can understand what’s going on.

And so much more! Thanks and whoo-hoo to the Elk Parents!

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