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Ice is nice!

Today we did the ice experiment. It was really fun. and some of the conversations were just funny. But then, with three year old children, it always is.

F0r people who have never done the ice project, its really easy and pretty fun as long as you don’t mind freezing dyed water and/or messes. *giggle* Its really only the following:

  • First prepare tables by putting down four towels and placing  trays on each.
  • Put blocks of ice into basins and put a basin on each tray.
  • Put colored water into jars and put eye droppers (pipettes) and jars next to each basin (on the tray).
  • Get a couple of “tunnels” started in the ice blocks, so there will be a place for the colored water to go . (If the children don’t choose to just squirt the water at each other)
  • Add four children, one for each tray  =)

The main goal (since one always has to be stated) is to observe what happens when colored water is added to ice.

Some of the comments were “does it hurt?” “Looks, It lighted up!” And it did look that way. “It looks like that thing at the bottom of the ocean. (coral reef.)

I have to say, “It lighted up!” was my favorite. When the block of Ice was pressed down against the basin, it did look like it was lighting. I had never seen that effect before. Totally cool!


Water makes it better.

Water play is great for my very wild Porcupine class. But we can’t afford the water toys that all the slick magazines advertise. There is no way we could get a fancy draining water table either. But we are the preschool that can, and nothing stops the porcupines! We solved the issue fast.

First, we went to McDonald and asked them for some trays that they were getting rid of. Then we went to the Dollar tree and stocked up on plastic animals, plastic beads, marbles and such.We also bought four large basins, about the size that fits in the sink. Then we went through the collection of old toys, measuring cups of different sizes, water bottles and like objects. The bead necklaces were cut, so they were all different lengths,varying from 3 beads to half of the necklace.  (maybe 15-20 beads).

Then the fun begins. We set up four places at the table, each with a tray, a towel and a basin of warm water with that days items in it. The items can be everything from  a water bottle, a cup, a handful of glass rocks, shells, pony and troll dolls, the beads,sponges and plastic animals. Sometimes we add extra treats to the water. We may add soap, that they won’t notice till it starts bubbling as they play. Or it may have tinting from dye, either blue, purple, of pink. We don’t use yellow, because it triggers one of the kids with autism, and green stains too much.

Not sure why I’m surprised when people do the right thing

But for some reason, I always am. So I have a lotof people to thank. As a result, this particular blog may seem like an Advertisement. its not. I am just truly grateful. SO here is an open letter

To all the Children’s Haven’s Angels, your kindness and generosity to the children in my center is amazing. I am so grateful I am speechless. I want to make sure that I thank you all.
First to our A. Nony Mouse angel that donated cash and kept our lights on last month. It was too much. I don’t even know who to thank. (Although I have an idea.) Putting that on the card was cute, buy the way!

Gladstone market, thanks for the rice, beans, tomatoes and kale! We had real food every day for two whole weeks! The kids are doing much better after having fruit and veggies instead of cake and not sure what all else.

Old Navy, Thanks for the uniforms for the older kids, and fall/winter outfits for the younger ones, infants and parents.

All u named stores that supplied back packs, school supplies. tech gadgets and toys, thank you, too. There were I believe over 100 of you and I don’t have the complete list.

Payless Shoes, thanks for the shoes, socks, hair things and jewelry.

University of the pacific school of dentistry, thanks for the dental work. The kids may not be thrilled about it now, but they will thank you later. =)
All of you have worked miracles for over 400 homeless kids and their families. I can never thank you enough

(Overwhelmed by your generosity) Teacher Turtle

We goed on a field trip!

I always try to get us outside for lunch. We walk to civic center plaza and play on the two playgrounds there.

We have a new kid today. I guess the field trip was a majorly huge deal for him. He couldn’t stop bouncing around while we put them on the crocodile(leash). We were going on a field trip! He was just as excited when we came back to the center. He kept repeating “we goed on a field trip!”

We stayed a whole hour. We saw a special dragon platform that was built for the Chinese New Year. It totally impressed the kids. Actually it impressed me. The kids got to run around and play ball and climb and swing and be regular kids for an hour. I hadn’t thought about it much, but it really is a huge deal for these kids to be “normal.” They spend all day in a shelter, being told what to do,and in an environment that isn’t always stable or conducive to being a kid. But today y got to play!! for some of them, it was almost like a prison break.

I sometimes wonder if designers of childrens clothing

actually have children. Here a re a few peeves:

1.infant snowsuits. Have you ever tried getting an infant out of one

2. Toddler onsies. They don’t get high enough fast enough. Guess where they end up?

3. Toddler overalls. the straps end up in the same place as the onsies.

4. Snaps the whole way up the legs of pants. It really doesn’t make access easier.

Of course :

  • Its down-pouring rain and ALL 312 kids showed up
  • Today ‘s activities have all been cancelled, and the staff are looking at me blankly when I told them to go to plan B. (we always have a plan B and usually a C,D, and E as well.)
  • the kids that aren’t in pj’s are in snow suits
  • The rooster came back
  • so did the possum
  • My office got tossed, and all the important stuff is out of order (to say the least)
  • I can’t walk today, and there are 5 parent meetings scheduled.
  • As soon as I hit the infant room, all the above stopped mattering.
  • of course: (
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