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At least the fire alarm works!

I discovered this at 6:30 am when we were all settling down for breakfast. The air was filled with the ear-piecing shriek of the required fire alarms. Which of course panicked the kids. (and some of the staff. We immediately snapped into Emergency mode, and somehow managed to gett all the kids out of the building and into the tacobell parking lot, our designated meeting place.

This was when we learned that the shelter doesn’t have an evacuation plan. the kids were the only residents who were accounted for,because we have our own evacuation plan. No one knew where half the residents on the fourth floor (medical floor) were, or if they had even gotten out of the building. I was able to tell the supervisor that at least 45 people who weren’t accounted for had already left the building earlier. They were the parents who had already dropped their kids off. We were able to give work numbers so they could verify this.

But that seems backwards! The supervisors should have known where the residents were. They should have been able to handle a minor evacuation. And they should have a plan! With 350 families asw well as 50 medically fragile seniors there needs to be more accountability.

i wonder how we looked to people on the street. 6 cribs being rolled across the street, and a bunch of half awake toddlers in pajamas and flipflops being herded by almost running adults. Oh well. We did what we had to do. And we’re all safe. But the poor kids didn’t settle down all day. Many of these kids are already traumatised. Sometimes I wish that the poor kids would just get a break for a change.

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