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We have amazing families here!

Seriously. I can’t praise our families nearly enough. It seems like they always come through in a pinch. Here a re just a few shining examples:

  • When I was looking at a bookshelf in a catalogue and commented that I wished we could get one, two fathers who happen to know woodworking built one. And its even better than the one I wanted to order.
  • There is a grandmother that bakes enough banana, persimmon, zuccini or pumpkin bread for the entire center,every two weeks!
  • Say field trip, get 70 parent volunteers.
  • there are always parents helping out with different activities,from clean up to dance classes.
  • its perfectly normal to have parents doing maintenance voluntarily on a weekend.
  • parents who speak more than on e language are willing to help translate all our handouts, so that Everyone can understand what’s going on.

And so much more! Thanks and whoo-hoo to the Elk Parents!

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