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The welcome letter of our parent handbook (numbers/most names/contact info changed)

This is a copy of my welcome letter to the parents. I’m working on it still.


We are excited to work with you and your child at the Elk Center. We hope that your child considers this a safe place to learn and grow.

We know how difficult and frightening being in transition can be.  We want to make this time as easy for you as possible. Please let us know what you need to make yourself and your child more comfortable and self-sufficient. If we can’t help, we probably know who can. We provide an on-site Nurse-practitioner, case management, lists of where to get low cost and free food and clothing, a stroller rental program and many other resources.

Many members of our staff are also residents or have been homeless themselves. We are willing to share what we have learned to help you out. We are also CPR and Pediatric First aid Certified and 90% of us hold permits for associate teacher or higher. The other 10% are currently in school, working toward degrees and/or certification.

At the Elk, your children will have a safe place to play and explore and a caring staff that will provide whatever they need to achieve. Hopefully they also will find a sense of stability and feel like part of a community.

Our major goal is to provide stability and safety for your child while giving them a place to learn. Please let us know what we can to help out. Your ideas are always welcome.

Turtle Travers-Brown

Activity Coordinator/family services case manager


We have amazing families here!

Seriously. I can’t praise our families nearly enough. It seems like they always come through in a pinch. Here a re just a few shining examples:

  • When I was looking at a bookshelf in a catalogue and commented that I wished we could get one, two fathers who happen to know woodworking built one. And its even better than the one I wanted to order.
  • There is a grandmother that bakes enough banana, persimmon, zuccini or pumpkin bread for the entire center,every two weeks!
  • Say field trip, get 70 parent volunteers.
  • there are always parents helping out with different activities,from clean up to dance classes.
  • its perfectly normal to have parents doing maintenance voluntarily on a weekend.
  • parents who speak more than on e language are willing to help translate all our handouts, so that Everyone can understand what’s going on.

And so much more! Thanks and whoo-hoo to the Elk Parents!

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