Managing and teaching in a shelter child center

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Shelter stats,part 2

This is the debate where I live. there is so little funding that everyone’s fighting over slivers of the pie.I am trying to find out if others think we are a legitimate childcare/preschool center, and can therefore try for grants. We are already licensed, so we are recognized on the legal side. It’s the ECE community we seem to have some issues with.


Facts about center-poll style

I teach class in a shelter. Some people say that I’m nuts. Some say that there is no reason today that. Some people think that there are enough regular preschools to take them. The reality is that there aren’t. it is very difficult to find subsidised preschools.And then, there is the instability factor. The kids could be changing schools every few weeks. That can’t be a good thing. So I do what I can to give the kids the best chance they can to have something somewhat stable.

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