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Shoes for Detta (nugget’s names changed to protect them)

Yesterday I put out the monthly donations. I always give something to each child That I know they need and might be their size.  I found a really cute pair of t-strap shoes that I thought would be perfect for Detta. (one of my 2’s)

When I put them on her she lit up. She spent the rest of the day staring at her feet and pointing at them. All I can say is its good I didn’t give them to her before nap time,because I don’t think that she would have taken them off.

It turns out that they were her first pair of shoes ever!! She’s only ever had the shelter flip-flops we give everyone when they first arrive. I hadn’t thought of that when I gave them to her. I just thought they were how the Its really amazing how things we don’t consider can make someone else’s day.

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