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Miss Turtle-Critter wrangler!

Seriously! That’s what seems like I’ve been doing all week. First I spent an hour chasing the rooster from next door. Then, a parent came in with a macaw. Then a dog came in. *sigh*Busy, busy.


Bedbug organization committee

No, not a committee to organize bed bugs! We are trying to get management to get rid of them.

Shoes for Detta (nugget’s names changed to protect them)

Yesterday I put out the monthly donations. I always give something to each child That I know they need and might be their size.  I found a really cute pair of t-strap shoes that I thought would be perfect for Detta. (one of my 2’s)

When I put them on her she lit up. She spent the rest of the day staring at her feet and pointing at them. All I can say is its good I didn’t give them to her before nap time,because I don’t think that she would have taken them off.

It turns out that they were her first pair of shoes ever!! She’s only ever had the shelter flip-flops we give everyone when they first arrive. I hadn’t thought of that when I gave them to her. I just thought they were how the Its really amazing how things we don’t consider can make someone else’s day.

We goed on a field trip!

I always try to get us outside for lunch. We walk to civic center plaza and play on the two playgrounds there.

We have a new kid today. I guess the field trip was a majorly huge deal for him. He couldn’t stop bouncing around while we put them on the crocodile(leash). We were going on a field trip! He was just as excited when we came back to the center. He kept repeating “we goed on a field trip!”

We stayed a whole hour. We saw a special dragon platform that was built for the Chinese New Year. It totally impressed the kids. Actually it impressed me. The kids got to run around and play ball and climb and swing and be regular kids for an hour. I hadn’t thought about it much, but it really is a huge deal for these kids to be “normal.” They spend all day in a shelter, being told what to do,and in an environment that isn’t always stable or conducive to being a kid. But today y got to play!! for some of them, it was almost like a prison break.

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